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We at NISSAN ARC have necessary Skills, Expertise and Experience acquired from analysis of engineered automobile- and energy-related materials for twenty five years.

On-site Services Customized to Support Your Needs

Engineering services (ES) offers a three type of services to serve the customer needs, ES have lots of innovative, miniaturized and portable instruments customized for the individual customers’ needs, ES deploy the smart and portable instruments at customers end and arrangement is made to transfer the data at Nissan-ARC, by doing so customers don’t need to send the physical samples to the characterization facilities to analyze their sample, contrary, characterization facility goes to the customer end in return customer save time and money.

On-site Engineering Services

An on-site instrument service is meant to target a wide veriety of customers, stating from small to medium to very large organization. ES uses portable and miniaturized on-site inspection systems (handy type), it is very good for qualitative analysis, easy to carry and imple..

Off-site Detailed Analytical Services

We also offer detailed offsite analytical services that include analysis of a wide verieties of materials by our experts using world class state of art instrumentations. We have 25 years of cumulative experience particularly for automobile and engineering materials.

High-level Quality Control Solutions

ES strongly believe in innovation and innovative ways to solve challenging problem. Often, customers come across problems that are trivial in nature and have technical restriction either because of the non-existence of the scientific instruments in market or expertise. In hi...


ES Analysis: Knowledge Transfer to Bridge Generations and Location Gap

What is ES? Technical service to support the systematic knowledge transfer independent to geographical location and generation by the digitalization of key analog technology.

Onsite solution structure is very flexible; it can be opted by small to medium to large customers. In fact, the onsite solution integrates (R&D teams to production team) and QA/QC management team becomes the super observer for quicker response and can accelerate the production. Solution can have numerous similar or different devices for characterization of varieties of samples. Engineering Services team’ motto is to develop a single device that has ability to replace numerous complex and expensive device with a single and easy to use device with robust data analytics.

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Why ES??

At Engineering Services, we offer a generalized integrated solution. An onsite solution for such customers who require process-orientated data collection, data management and more importantly data analytics. Our indigenous software can interact with varieties of compact analytical devices to capture data and perform the data analytics to give results in real time.

Advantages (ES)

About Us

"Innovation is our motto"

Engineering Services group is a pool of highly talented professional committed to take the challenges in 21st century technological era. We have a team of individuals who have..


"NISSAN ARC is the author of a new story."

NISSAN ARC, LTD. was established in December 1990, with capital provided by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and 33 major affiliated vehicle and part manufacturers. In recent years....

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    Material Application has been Added!


    "Moisture Contents Analysis of Resin Pellets"

    Please Refer to Application Page!

    Material Application has been Added!


    "Moisture Contents Analysis of Resin Pellets"

    Please Refer to Application Page!

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    57th Battery Symposium


    Please visit our booth at the Battery Symposium Meeting at Makuhari.

    57th Battery Symposium

    Dates:Nov 29 ~ Dec 1, 2016
    Venue:Makuhari Messe, Chiba JAPAN

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